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Woolly Mammoth Saloon

Saddle up for a wild ride on October 22 when the Woolly Mammoth in the heart of the Valley transforms into the Woolly Mammoth Saloon, the largest saloon in Pair A Dice, California.

The whiskey is smooth and the patrons are rough at this Wild West saloon, where outlaw gunslingers seeking money and revenge weave their devilish webs amongst the dancing girls, poker games and folk tunes of the wild frontier, for an exciting immersive experience.

Mayor Lawrence Huckabee rules the town with an iron fist, but with criminal couple Holly Hart and Jesse Carson devising a daring scheme, will Sheriff Jack McGrady be able to keep the townsfolk in line?

Girls in garters tantalise the local sods of the saloon, but if you mistake them for just a pretty face, you may end up gambling with more than just your chips.

This immersive Wild West experience is fantastic value for just $99 (including a taco table Mexican feast, 2-hour drinks package, live music, sideshow games and more) and is just plain, old fashioned fun!

Need to know – Woolly Mammoth is located upstairs at Ivory Tusk.

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