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Kangaroo Point’s Amazing Parks

amazing-parks in kangaroo point
Kangaroo Point is the oldest suburb in Brisbane. Rich in heritage-listed buildings and historical sites, it is also a great place to visit to enjoy nature and adventure. There are parks sprawled in the suburb that make it the ideal place to live. Even with the quick urban development of Kangaroo Point, people can still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and be one with the nature. Along the Brisbane River, you can visit the four parks of Kangaroo Point; each one hasfantasticfacilities to enjoy.

Let’s start with Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park located at the River Terrace. The long stretch of the Lower River Terrace is where you find facilities to enjoy outdoor activities and to visit the heritage-listed Naval Stores, which is currently used by the Riverlife Adventure Centre.

In the park you can enjoy the boardwalk along the cliffswith some cycling or a Segway tour. Youwill also find the amphitheatre and the St. Mary’s Hideaway. The ferry terminal can be found at the Maritime Museum. Kangaroo Point Cliffs is also a must-see for anyone who wants to rock climb and abseil (rappel).

You can also experience watchingthe NunukulYuggera Tribe tell stories of Dreamtime by performing tribal dance and songs at the base of the cliff.The large picnic areas are located at the Lower River Terrace with available drinking fountains/taps in the vicinity and clean public toilets.

The next park to visit is the C.T. White Park (White Park) located between Hamilton and Thornton Streets. It is a small park where you can see the Kangaroo Point Natural History Trailthat connects to James Warner Park. The trail exhibits some of the history of the great minds of Kangaroo Point because it has a rich history as the home and workplace of the pioneering scientists and researchers of Queensland. The park hasboardwalk and jetties, the ferry terminal by Thornton Street, a picnic area, and there are playgrounds along the Annie Street, Hamilton Street and McDonald Street.

On Holman Streetyou can visit Captain Burke Park (John Burke Park). It is in the nautical river side under the famous Story Bridge. The park has a nautical theme where kids can enjoy playing and running in the pirate and sailor-themed facility. The park also has an amazing view of the city andis a good place to watch the ferries and vessels passing under the bridge.

The park also provides free use of electric barbecue and has bubblers/taps. And if you want to have a free ferry ride, check in the ferry terminal and hop on the City Hopper. The City Hopper has offered free rides since it began operating in July 2012. The ferry departs Holman Street from 6:15 in the morning and as late as 11:45 in the evening.

Indeed Kangaroo Point is an ideal place to live because there is a fantastic balance of urban conveniences, and you can still enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere communing with nature!

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