Kangaroo Point Information

Kangaroo Point is located on the Brisbane River, directly across from the Brisbane CBD.
Population: 6,868 (2006 Census)
Area: 1.3 square km
Postcode: 4169


Kangaroo Point is well known for the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which are popular with rock climbers, as well as the gardens below which are popular for BBQs and picnics. The cliffs and gardens enjoy fantastic views of the Brisbane River, the City Botanical Gardens and the city skyline.
Another famous Brisbane landmark in Kangaroo Point is the Story Bridge. The bridge is a vital piece of infrastructure for the city, but it also a beautiful landmark in its own right, especially when lit up in the evenings.
The Story Bridge is also home to the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, which allows visitors to scale the mighty bridge and enjoy some of the best views of Brisbane. A recent additions also allows people to abseil down the bridge’s huge pillars.

Housing & Real Estate

Kangaroo Point has one of Brisbane’s highest percentages of people living in apartments. According to the 2006 Census, around 80% of the suburb’s population live in units and apartments, and 51% of Kangaroo Point’s residents are renters.
The median unit price for Kangaroo Point is $767,500 and the median house price is $620,000.
It is quite unique in Brisbane for an area to have a higher median for units over houses, however this is due to many of Kangaroo Point’s homes being on small blocks, while on the unit side there are many apartments worth over a million dollars, which at least one new building containing no units worth under $1 million.


Kangaroo Point has a rich history both in terms of the aboriginal heritage and early European settlers.
We will be adding more information regarding the rich aboriginal heritage of Kangaroo Point to this website very soon.

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