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Top 10 Things to Do in Kangaroo Point

Things to Do in Kangaroo Point
Planning to spend some of your holiday in Kangaroo Point? There are many things to do and places to visit here! We have a lot of things to offer, whether you are interested in sports, adventure, nature, social events, food, or just relaxation. Check out the top 10 things to do in Kangaroo Point.

1. Adventure Climb on the Story Bridge

The 72 meter high Story Bridge provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the glistening landscape. Authorised tour groups provide you with a safety harness on all adventure panoramic group walks. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the city by day, and the skyline at night. The climb on the Story Bridge is open from 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

2. Listen to Live Music at the Brisbane Jazz Club

Listen to live music and enjoy the stunning view from the outdoor deck of this historic clubhouse. The Brisbane Jazz Club is rated as one of the top live music venues in Brisbane. They are one of the hottest spots for jazz aficionados in Australia, and book performers from emerging local bands and even cross over into some pop music.

3. Enjoy the Scenic View at the Eagle’s Nest

Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage in the 12th floor bar of the Eagle’s Nest every Sunday at 3pm. You can take in the afternoon view of the city, the Story Bridge, and the Brisbane River. It is a great place to enjoy and catch up with friends.

4. Eat and Drink at the Story Bridge Hotel

This historical hotel is home to a pub that offers great prime-cut steaks, burgers, and tapas. Renovated in 1886, it is now famous for bringing in crowds for the Gabba’s matches, so you could come join the party!

5. Visit the Kangaroo Point Cliff

Interested in real adventure? Climb the 18-meter high Kangaroo Point Cliff on any one of its 372 routes. You can also abseil (rappel) from top of the cliff. Not to worry though, if you are one of those who are afraid of heights, you can enjoy a stair-a-thon on the cliff’s 93 stairs.

6. Enjoy Picnics at the Parks

Enjoy the simple relaxation of our vast park system. Family-friendly games and a lot of interesting activities are always available. Our BBQ central has the great view of the Brisbane River and some of the larger parks provide free use of barbecues.

7. City Cycling at the Park

There are plenty of routes so you can cycle to get fit while enjoying the river view. Start your journey at City Cycle Station and enjoy the bike path under the Story Bridge, the view of the Kangaroo Point Cliff, and pass alongside the Maritime Museum.

8. Visit the Queensland Multicultural Centre

Opened in 2012, this popular event venue is located near the Story Bridge. It is constantly updating its event schedule so you can almost always find an exciting event or exhibit when you get the chance to visit QMC. It’s a popular venue for art exhibits and city social events.

9. Dine at the Medley Café

Enjoy the scenic view and tranquility of the Brisbane River while enjoying a meal of great seasonal food at Medley Café. Located in a prime riverfront location, this restaurant is also popular as an event venue for company affairs and a unique weddings.

10. Recreation at the Riverlife Adventure Centre

At the Brisbane’s heritage-listed building Naval Stores is where the Riverlife Adventure Centre operates. The centre provides activities like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the Brisbane River. The facility is also popular as a unique venue for weddings.

Indeed Kangaroo Point is a great place to veg out and experience adventure of all kinds! Now, where do you want to go first?

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