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Pasta is the secret ingredient for a healthy lifestyle

We all know that pasta has been considered almost public enemy number one when it comes to diet and health. It turns out that pasta is actually a good form of carbohydrates for the body.

Carbohydrates are what give us energy to function day-to-day physically and mentally. In a recent study done in Italy, pasta was linked to a slimmer waistline vs. a larger one.

The main problem that people have when eating pasta is simply portion control. If you measure out your portions correctly and choose more healthy pastas made from materials such as brown rice, wheat, and even iron-fortified pasta, you will be better off than choosing the plain pasta made from white flour with no added nutrients.

To get the most from pasta’s great qualities try to not use heavy cream-based sauces and lots of cheese! Use vegetable-based sauces or just plain vegetables to add to a serving of pasta for an easy healthy meal.

A common cuisine that uses pasta in a positive way is Chinese food. The people of China use Lo Mein noodles which are derived from wheat mixed with soy or teriyaki sauce and stir fry vegetables as well.
Whole wheat pasta has almost the same carb count as those derived from white flour.The better place to focuson for healthy pasta eating is portion control. Instead of avoiding pasta, add some to your diet for a tasty treat filled with good carbohydrates and vitamins.

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