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Sharing is Caring – Supporting Local Businesses

Join us this month for our New Moon Circle “Sharing is Caring- Supporting Local Businesses.”

Supporting small, local business has always been a focus of Red Tent Australia and there’s no better time to do this than at the holidays.

  • Do you have a small business?
  • Do you make something beautiful, yummy or useful?
  • Do you have a talent that helps people?

If you do then we want to help you!

Our focus is on Eco-Friendly, natural or handmade products, and services that help raise consciousness and awareness.

This month instead of having one guest speaker at our New Moon Circle we will have 20.

Each attendee will have approx 5 mins to share their small business. If you are a Corporate Member you will get 10 mins and be able to bring items to sell on the night!


This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had Christmas shopping that’s for sure!!

If we all bought our Christmas gifts from local businesses instead of big corporations (Kmart, Myer, Big W etc..) Think of the lives that would be changed and how much we could impact the environment with that much less packaging….

If you do not have a small business, please come along and support the women that do and get some beautiful gifts while you’re here.

There’s nothing we like better than seeing women doing what they love to do!!

Why do kids get what they want for Christmas? Because they tell everyone what they want, then write a letter to a mythical man and sit back and trust that it will turn up exactly when they want it to…. What do you want this season?

This circle will be strictly limited to 20 women so please purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.

$10 for Members

$15 for Non Member

What to expect
  • ~Welcome and Introduction
  • ~Guided Meditation
  • ~ Theme – Sharing is Caring –
  • ~ Bring your water bottle or Thermos of Tea
  • ~ Circle is open to anyone who identifies as a woman
  • ~ Tickets are transferable to future events if you need to cancel.
  • ~ Babes in arms are always welcome at Bayside Red Tent

Please register through our online ticket system to secure your spot – Click Here To Register

“Yasmin is a heart-led earth fairy who sees the world through the eyes of an artist, her ability to light up a room when she enters is incredible, she dances when she walks and her voice always has a laugh in it even if she is on the verge of tears. Her kindness, compassion and honesty are felt by every person she meets and her ability to hold space with a gentle, loving approach is a true gift.”


Following current health restrictions accordingly: please bring water/beverage, pillow and rug. (Your own snack as we can no longer share).

About Red Tent Australia:

Red Tent Australia has been created as a non-profit incorporated association to support women’s gatherings around Australia. Our goal Red Tents in every neighbourhood. If you would like to start a Red Tent we are here to help. If you are already running a group or if you would like to find one in your location, let us know so we can support you.

What women want is CONNECTION. Not on a superficial level, but REAL connection and support.

The Red Tent is a place for women to feel that connection and to offer and receive that support.

We want to help women to free themselves from the isolation of today’s modern world and find their tribe.

Red Tent Australia is a non-profit organisation with the aim to connect, collaborate, and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment

We establish community networks and support between women by hosting local gatherings, and events in what we call “Red Tents”.

Red Tent Australia is not religious, we include anyone who identifies as female from 11 years + from all walks of life.

It’s our hope for everyone who enters each Red Tent to experience a sense of belonging, sisterhood and strength that stays with them from then on.

Please visit our website to join the tribe and find out more: www.redtentaustralia.org


To ensure the safety & well-being of everyone who attends our in-person Circles, our organisation is following the relevant Government & Health recommendations.

~Please respect social distancing and your own personal safety.

~Reconsider attending if you are feeling unwell.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the circle.

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