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Storms Hit Queensland

Storms Hit Queensland

What is being referred to as a freak storm hit Queensland Sunday night. Thunderstorms fired off and created chaos with flash flooding. 80 mm of rain is recorded falling in just one hour!
A severe thunderstorm warning was issued Sunday just before 5 p.m. no more than 45 minutes later almost 1,500 people in Aspley were without power.

On the Sunshine Coast residents were brought to a fright quickly when what they thought was a twister was spotted over the Caloundra suburb. Later it was confirmed that it was a land spout with winds up to 90 km/h.

Flash flooding shut down businesses as some areas received as much as 70mm of rain in 30 minutes.

The weather has been so unbearably hot lately that the one thing the storm offered that residents were happy about was the cool off after the storm. The temperatures have been averaging 8C above average. Although the past couple of days have been relieving with temperatures a little cooler than usual the heat is back and fierce for the rest of the week. Stay hydrated, cool, and stay safe.

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