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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Store Bought or Homemade? Which is best?

Valentine’s Day Gifts

We just welcomed the New Year, and here it is time to start talking Valentine’s Day. Year after year we find ourselves buying the same old things: flowers, candy, cards, etc. You go on a date to the movies and dinner. How cliché! Do something different! Be unique and make Valentine ’s Day about you and your partner. Make them something, do something thoughtful to excite them and make it one they will remember for a lifetime. Be anything but ordinary.

Have you ever thought about skipping the department store and creating a gift yourself? Gifts made by you for the one you love are special because they become custom-made, heartfelt tokens made just for your beloved by you. You put all your time, effort, and thought into your present, and that means more than anything money can buy.

Before I continue, know that I support gifts either way. Not everyone is appreciative of homemade works of art, and sometimes you know there’s something in the store wanted they’ve wanted for so long that it becomes just as special to purchase instead.

Do you have an artistic skill? Writing, drawing, woodworking, or cooking create just a few of the unlimited possibilities for Valentine’s Day gifts. You could draw a picture, write a poem, cook a meal, or make something crafty.

Typically, my valentine (my husband who is a professional chef) cooks dinner for me and will sometimes surprise me with a card or flowers. My daughters make me cards and drawings, anything creative that they can come up with. I appreciate it so much because I am a firm believer in the idea that it is the thought that counts.

When deciding on what type of gift to get your valentine, your first thought is about the recipient, and what they would want. If they have simple tastes and appreciate the little things in life, then they would absolutely appreciate anything you have to offer and think they would enjoy.

If you have a girlfriend who has been asking for the same purse for months, then my best suggestion would be go and get that for her. Sometimes though, she might mention she wants time alone away from the children to get her nails done, or even just to enjoy an afternoon reading a book in a quiet house. Those are gifts of peace that carry no price tag, but are actually priceless. You could take the children out for a few hours while she relaxes.

If you’re considering what to get your boyfriend or husband, some of the same ideas would actually be great, depending on your personal situation. Cooking him dinner, and watching a movie together might be all he wants. If he has mentioned a new watch or fishing pole he might really want, then I would cook dinner and get the gift he’s had his eye on.

Analyse your situation and relationship to make the optimal decision for you and your partner. Major milestones and memories in your relationship are great resources when looking for the finest gift for your mate. Choose wisely, but know that if there is true love, anything you do will be appreciated.

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